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Rent-to-own Program
Faster Equity Growth: Equity can accumulate exponentially faster than with conventional financing.

Rent Money is Working Toward the Purchase of the Home: Each month that you pay rent, a portion of that payment will be credited towards your down payment or off of the sales price.

Option Deposit is Credited Towards the Purchase of the Home: When you sign a lease purchase contract, you must pay the landlord/seller an option deposit. This money is your vested interest in the home and will be fully credited (100%) to either your down payment or taken off the sales price.

Minimum Cash Out of Pocket: When you purchase a home conventionally, you must pay closing costs, prepaids, and a down payment. With rent-to-own, you pay only first month's rent and an option deposit.

Frequently No Down Payment at Closing: Since you have given the landlord/seller an option deposit plus you have been receiving large monthly rent credits, there will frequently be very little or nothing left to come up with for a down payment at closing.

Credit Problems are Okay: Qualification restrictions are not as strict as conventional financing. You will be approved at the sole discretion of the landlord/seller.

Control of the Home: You will be put in full legal control of the home for a specified period of time without having to actually own it.

Maximum Leverage: You are spending very little money to control a very expensive and potentially very profitable investment.

Time: Before you actually buy the home, you will have time to repair your credit, find the best financing available, investigate the home and research the neighborhood.

Peace of Mind: You will have full control of the home and can maintain it or improve it however you wish.